Starting point

A prerequisite for the successful integration into the labor process is the oral communication as well as in reading and writing. Employers complain repeatedly about shortages of applicants in these areas. Self-confidence and social skills in the application- and employmentproces are prerequisites for a successful start for all candidates in professional life. Mastering the language, but also the ability to incorporate specific jargon quickly, is for people of foreign origin a compelling issue. That goes also for an increasing number of people without immigrant background, whose educational situation is expressed amongst others in an insufficient for the labormarket qualified mastering of the language.

For whom

WorkactLingua is aimed at people looking for work from different languages. The focus is on young adults up to 30 years.


WorkactLingua offers:

-(Re)confrontation with the individual professional biographic perspectives 

-integration into education or work

-increasing employability by enhancing self-confidence and team skills

-improvement of language skills in written and spoken word with a focus on career-related purposes.

-professional oriëntation, competence-mediation and personality enhancement as part of the realization of a self-developed showpiece.

-mediation of professional knowledge and skills in craftmanships that are required for the theaterproduction, such as hairdressing, carpentry, painting/lacquer-work, tailors, traders, technics etc.

-mediation of general skills such as computer skills and team- and customer-oriented behavior in the workplace.


WorkactLingua combines theaterpedagogic methods and applicationmanagement with demand-led, professional-specific language training. Theme of WorkactLingua is constant motivative work to using actively the, especially work-related, language, and to further-develop and consolidate the individual language skills available, on a daily basis. Internships in the realisticly strived for professional areas or work experience places and an intensive social pedagogical coaching complete the process within the project. Thus a bond is forged between sustainable strengthening of competence, personal development and effective applicationwork.



Two stages

In the first six-month phase, participants work on a play from the idea to the première. This in combination with an intensive target group-specific and career-related language training, while improving languageknowledge. In addition, through intensive applicationtraining and biographywork preparations will be made for the internship in the second phase of the project. Companies are recruited for the second phase. The theaterpremière is the culmination of the first phase of the project and concludes it.

The second, five months period, begins with an intensive languagecourse, in which the previously acquired languageknowledge will be concentrated and individually-specificly prepared for the internships. Thereafter, the participants accept the internship to complete. A regular, social- and theater-pedagogic guidance during the internships contribute to deal with conflicts within the company and create a stable basis for the acceptance into work or education.