Practice Roads

Our time demands for individualization and sociality. To meet this demand, it needs an in-depth access to the individual and to society. To call for abstract individuality and sociality, is not enough. The conditions under which the individuality can unfold and will take responsibility for society and life, must first be created and practiced. These practice roads we develop with art and science, to unite them exuberantly in everyday life.

Shaping social reality

The art, and especially stage play as a human performance art, has the power to make the depths of the personality perceptive through self-recognition and thus fruitful for their own development. Moreover stageplay arouses insight into the mysteries of human relationships in order to reshape and awake them. So for the future drama is not only stage adventure for an audience, but has the potential for substantial educational approaches to engage healing and shaping the social reality.

Science + art make new society

Science demands in our view a connection to one’s own individuality, otherwise it loses people from consciousness. Goethe describes this risk as: "Everything that frees our mind, without giving us dominion over ourselves, is depraved." Art can give science the necessary mobility and vitality, so that it becomes human. Our education and research are therefore characterized by a practical perseverance of art and science. We develop new forms of society borne through artistic sense.